Favorite New Restaurant

Call me a slacker if you will, but I’ve been extremely busy with work. The life of a marketer is no easy task, but I did manage to make it out to a new restaurant in Dallas.

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you Acme F&B. It’s located on McKinney, north of Henderson. They categorize themselves as New American and they cook meats using a whole-animal allocation program. This means they go through all of the parts of the animal until they run out. Every dish on the menu sounds vaguely familiar like chicken and dumplings but the flavor is out of this world.

We ordered crab dip as an appetizer which included grapefruit as an ingredient. After my first bite, I though why isnt grapefruit always paired with Crab. They will completely change the way you think of food.

Some other winners was the Sea Skate (the fin of a sting ray) and the Rabbit.

I also ordered the Hummingbird cocktail will is very similar to a piña colada but much more creamy.





Sea Skate

The atmosphere is very eclectic and contemporary. You feel like you’ve entered some trendy spot in NYC. Also the place is owned by four women and I’m all for girl power!

Definitely worth making a reservation. Bring a full wallet because you need to try all you can eat!

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