Happy Cinco de Mayo: Tilapia Tacos


Happy Cinco de Mayo. That’s happy 5th of May for the non-Spanish speakers. I actually did not participate in Cinco de Drinko, but I did eat (of course). I’ve been wanting to make fish tacos so here they are! This recipe is simple and I kinda came up with it on the fly at the grocery store.


1 lb fresh tilapia (gave me about 6 tacos)
Red cabbage
1 red onion
Cilantro (for topping)
1 avocado
1 tomato
2 tablespoons Ancho chili powder
Canola oil
1 jalapeño
Queso fresco (it’s a white Mexican cheese)
White corn tortillas


Season the tilapia with salt, pepper a little chili powder. Chop into smaller pieces. Use the rest of the ancho chili powder for the flour mixture. Simply, put flour (eyeball it) and chili powder in a bag. Shake to stir it up.

Heat canola oil on medium high in a small but deep pot, or use a deep fryer if you have it. Once hot enough, add the small tilapia pieces to the mixture. Cook for 7 minutes.

Chop the red cabbage into thin strips. Dice the tomato and avocado. Crumble the Queso fresco. Chop the cilantro into smaller pieces. Chop jalapeño into tiny pieces unless you want a boost of flavor. Dice the red tomato.

Remove tilapia from the oil. In a small skillet, heat up the tortillas.

There you have it! Plate those tacos and add the toppings.


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